Software-update: WordPress 5.1 “Betty”

Versie 5.1 van WordPress is uitgebracht. In versie 5.0 is, naast een nieuw thema, ook een compleet vernieuwde editor geïntroduceerd. De oude editor is echter ook nog steeds aanwezig en draagt nu de naam classic editor. In versie 5.1 zijn verder onder meer enkele scherpe randjes van de nieuwe editor afgehaald en zou deze beter moeten presteren.

A Little Better Every Day
Version 5.1 of WordPress, named “Betty” in honour of acclaimed jazz vocalist Betty Carter, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard.
Following WordPress 5.0 — a major release which introduced the new block editor — 5.1 focuses on polish, in particular by improving the overall performance of the editor. In addition, this release paves the way for a better, faster, and more secure WordPress with some essential tools for site administrators and developers.

Site Health
With security and speed in mind, this release introduces WordPress’s first Site Health features. WordPress will start showing notices to administrators of sites that run long-outdated versions of PHP, which is the programming language that powers WordPress.
When you install new plugins, WordPress’s Site Health features will check them against the version of PHP you’re running. If the plugin requires a version that won’t work with your site, WordPress will keep you from installing that plugin.

Editor Performance
Introduced in WordPress 5.0, the new block editor continues to improve. Most significantly, WordPress 5.1 includes solid performance improvements within the editor. The editor should feel a little quicker to start, and typing should feel smoother.
Expect more performance improvements in the next couple of releases.

Developer Happiness
Multisite Metadata
5.1 introduces a new database table to store metadata associated with sites and allows for the storage of arbitrary site data relevant in a multisite / network context.

Cron API
The Cron API has been updated with new functions to assist with returning data and includes new filters for modifying cron storage. Other changes in behavior affect cron spawning on servers running FastCGI and PHP-FPM versions 7.0.16 and above.

New JS Build Processes
WordPress 5.1 features a new JavaScript build option, following the large reorganisation of code that started in the 5.0 release.

Other Developer Goodness
Miscellaneous improvements include:
Updates to values for the WP_DEBUG_LOG constant
New test config file constant in the test suite, new plugin action hooks
Short-circuit filters for wp_unique_post_slug(), WP_User_Query, and count_users()
A new human_readable_duration function
Improved taxonomy metabox sanitization
Limited LIKE support for meta keys when using WP_Meta_Query
A new “doing it wrong” notice when registering REST API endpoints
…and more!

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Advies: Wij raden u aan om handmatig back-ups te maken van de database(s) voordat u deze upgrade uitvoert.
Let op, wanneer u automatische updates van WordPress hebt aanstaan, wordt dit vanzelf bijgewerkt naar de nieuwste versie.


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